Associated Renewable's Energy Benchmarking Process

What We Do

Associated Renewable’s Energy Benchmarking services provide clients with a 12-month review of energy performance to put property level data into context. This is achieved by measuring and comparing it against standard energy benchmarks, its own historical energy performance, and other buildings in the portfolio. Our energy benchmarking practices give our clients a starting point for pre- and post-audits on capital improvements, aimed at increasing operational efficiency and cost reduction. This allows our clients to rank energy performance, track trends, receive justification needed to plan improvements, determine if conservation strategies are working, and provide accurate data reports to management.

The Associated Renewable Energy Benchmarking service commences with the use of туры в Узбекистан Portfolio Manager, which is EPA's interactive energy management tool that allows us to track and assess energy and water consumption across an entire portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment. Whether you own, manage, or hold commercial properties for investment in New York our Energy Benchmarking service will  help you set investment priorities, identify under-performing buildings, verify efficiency improvements, and receive EPA recognition for superior energy performance.

Post Benchmarking Analysis by Associated Renewable

Once Associated Renewable has completed the Energy Benchmarking service, our technical experts then perform a post-Benchmarking analysis onsite with our clients. At Associated Renewable we believe that our Energy Benchmarking service is not complete unless the results are properly translated into business-friendly language and terminology that our clients can understand. This allows building owners and managers to fully understand how efficiently their buildings are performing in relation to a similar building stock in the city and nationwide. Equipped with knowledge of energy & water use, building managers can make the case for shifting towards energy efficient, high-performing buildings through next level analyses such as a Level 2 or 3 energy audit.

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To learn about benchmarking of energy & water usage, which is the basis for conducting an energy audit, call our Energy Solutions team today at (212) 658-0052. Associated Renewable offers Energy Benchmarking at no cost to all of our clients. We take care of your Benchmarking for free, so that you're free to take care of your buildings.