Why choose us?

As a leading end-to-end full service energy consulting & carbon management company, Associated Renewable has the tools, skills and human capital necessary to help you meet your Local Law 84 compliance needs. Our Energy Solutions team  and engineers meet the standards set by the department and are authorized to offer energy benchmarking to all NYC properties for Local Law 84 compliance.

When you engage Associated Renewable to facilitate your LL84 compliance, our Energy Solutions team ensures that your buildings comply with all Local Law 84 requirements, avoiding unnecessary fines.

Furthermore, beyond energy consulting and management, Associated Renewable fulfills its role as a respectable corporate citizen of the world. Our commitment to sustainability and social engagement is rooted in our history, reflected in our practices, and communicated through our goal to continuously expand our horizons in the global energy sector. Our social mission mirrors our corporate mission: “In helping our clients reduce their energy costs and meet regulatory requirements, our efforts will also help combat the global energy crisis whilst reducing pollution and carbon emission.”

Associated Renewable’s extensive array of services will cater to all of your Local Law 84 energy benchmarking needs.  We guarantee that our services and solutions will be the right fit to advance your energy interests and goals over the immediate and long terms.

Contact our Energy Solutions team today to learn how you can capitalize on energy efficiency measures to save on energy costs and to ensure compliance with local regulatory mandates.